Catholic Children’s Stories in the hands of children

Imagine homeschools and classrooms lined with shelves and shelves of Catholic books for children – imaginative, whimsical, adventurous, playful and fearless stories with memorable characters that children will carry in their hearts for a lifetime.

The purpose of this website is to promote Catholic books for children and teens. There will be a new Catholic book reviewed every week which will also include ideas and tips for teachers and homeschoolers.

So, what constitutes a “Catholic” book anyway? Well, that could be debated for an eternity or more and still be problematic.

I have chosen books that contain strong associations with Catholic ideas or lifestyle; you’ll find characters who go to Mass or confession, or who struggle to navigate the modern world while maintaining their Catholic identity. You’ll also find story books about Mother Mary, the Saints and the Sacraments.


We need more Catholic stories! Particularly in Australia, we need more people striving to write and publish Catholic stories and books. Current exchange rates are a significant hurdle to purchasing Catholic books for children and teens.

Please consider either writing a Catholic book for children, or encouraging someone else to write a Catholic oriented book for children or teens. Promoting this website and spreading the word is also a wonderful way of supporting this mission.


Human beings are storytellers.  From childhood we hunger for stories just as we hunger for food.  Stories influence our lives, whether in the form of fairy tales, novels, films, songs, news, even if we do not always realize it.  Often we decide what is right or wrong based on characters and stories we have made our own.  Stories leave their mark on us; they shape our convictions and our behaviour.  They can help us understand and communicate who we are…”

…Pope Francis, 24th May, 2020.