ABC with Bernadette Therese: bright Catholic ABC book

Author: Mat de sousa

Illustrator:Mat de Sousa

Publisher: De Sousa Designs

Age Range: 1 – 4

This delightful Catholic ABC book for little ones is a gem.  Australian Mat De Sousa from De Sousa Designs has produced and published a bright and colourful book that will be a real winner with toddlers and pre schoolers learning their letters.

The elements all come together in this book to create a fun and engaging experience for young children.  There is a light hearted tone to the book, with Jesus giving a ‘thumbs up’ sign, or little Bernadette Therese singing worship with a microphone. The illustrations feature characters with big, open eyes and smiles. Young children will love it.  The drawings have a simple feel to them, and there is not too much detail to confuse or distract children.

The main character of the book, Bernadette Therese exudes enthusiasm as she prays, sings and plays throughout the pages.  I was very impressed with the colouring that has been produced.  Vibrant oranges, purple, green and yellow provide a bright, joyful feel to the book that complements energetic little Bernadette Therese.

All of the letters of the alphabet are used to point to Catholic images, icons or traditions.  For example,

“G is for grapes … that is turned into wine”


Rr is for Rosary… the beads we use to pray”.

I have no hesitation recommended this bright, original Catholic ABC book for you and your family.

You can purchase ABC with Bernadette Therese from Veritatis Publishing HERE.



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