Month: August 2020

The Chime Travelers: The Secret of the Shamrock

Author: Lisa M. Hendey Illustrator: Jenn Bower Age Range: 6 – 10 Publisher: Servant (an imprint of Franciscan Media) What a fun and engaging way to learn all about Saint Patrick. The Chime Travelers is a series of five books in which the two main characters travel back in time to meet our most beloved …

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Rosa, Sola

Author: Carmela A. Martino Publisher: Arquilla Press Range Age: 11 + (parental guidance required) Read this book and weep. The subject of death, grief and loss is rarely explored in books for children and teens.  It’s a challenging subject.  But Rosa, Sola is a special book. It will capture your heart and then break it.  …

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Little Catholic Clubhouse

Author:  Mike and Sarah Zimmerman Illustrator:  Sarah Zimmerman Age Range: 3 – 6 or 7 Publisher: Little Catholic Clubhouse.   I can relate to Mike and Sarah Zimmerman’s frustration at not being able to find appropriate Catholic children’s books to read to their children. In fact, Mike and Sarah became so frustrated that they wrote …

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