Before I Was Me: A Pro Life Catholic picture book


Author: Frank Fraser

Illustrator: Frank Fraser

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

Age Range: 2 – 6


Sophia Institute Press is renowned for producing quality books and this one is no exception. Published in 2018, Before I Was Me is consistently cited as a family favourite, and most people give it exceptional reviews. I bought the hardcover version, and it is indeed a beautiful, sturdy and uplifting book to read.

The premise is simple – just before a child is born, God and the small baby have a conversation.  While the baby is excited about all of the possibilities that lie ahead, God gives assurances –

“You are a very important person whom I will always love”

This is clearly a pro life story that emphasizes the importance of each and every unborn child – fearfully and wonderfully made’ by God (Psalm 139). As such, it is very much a Catholic story book that parents and grandparents will enjoy reading with their young children. Children will delight in the illustrations of animals, kids and families that busily occupy every page.  You will have fun taking in the details of illustrations,  and I have no doubt that children will want to point and talk about the various figures and situations that are portrayed in the drawings.


It is always gratifying to find picture books that celebrate traditional two parent families.  God speaks of giving this small baby to mother and father, and the final illustration is of the baby being held by a mother and father.  I can easily recommend this story as wholesome, Catholic and idyllic.  Unfortunately, we know that in many classrooms, more than half the children will not be living in two parent families, which may present a dilemma. Hundreds of people have reviewed this book in recent years and wholeheartedly recommended it. Now you can decide if this is the right fit for your circumstances.

Watch author, Frank Fraser, speak about the book HERE

You can purchase Before I Was Me HERE.

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