Bella’s Beautiful Miracle: A Guided Journey

Author: Kimberley Novak

Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing

Age Range: 8 – 80 years

Kimberley Novak is clearly a devoted and inspired Catholic woman who gives thanks to a Jesuit Retreat Center and Ignation Spirituality Centre in her Acknowledgements. She has obviously spent a great deal of time thinking, creating, praying about and crafting this story. The story revolves around a little caterpillar, Bella, who is blown off her leaf in a storm and lands on a beautiful snail, Mira, who then becomes Bella’s spiritual guide.

As each chapter passes, Bella walks with Mira and encounters other insects of the forest who help her grow in faith and understanding of God.  The book highlights the theological virtues and the spiritual gifts of God.  Bella – a lively and impatient soul – learns to listen for God in the stillness of the forest.  Her friends each give her a glimpse of God and God’s will for her.  Ultimately, they support her through the transformation into a beautiful butterfly.

There is much that is beautiful and appealing in the story which meanders along like Mira and Bella walking through the forest. Novak has suggested that it is a book that adults can read to children so that they can enjoy it together and discuss Bella’s progress.  I wonder if this might be a challenging book for young readers to read on  their own.  While it is an inspired and special book, it lacks some of the conventions normally found in children’s literature.


  • The story is long and wordy and I believe many children will struggle to remain engaged in the story
  • The story is slow paced by design. There are moments of spiritual enlightenment and revelations from God.  But my opinion is that children will have trouble finishing the book without some excitement or a tangible, evil foe to be defeated with God’s help.  I can imagine the story peppered with some thrilling adventures, close calls and surprises.
  • I believe this story could be divided up into several shorter books in a series. Each book could build to an exciting crescendo that is resolved, but with a question left lingering to be explored in the next book.

I want to emphasize that the writing is beautiful.  Kimberley Novak writes with lyrical prose that effortlessly paints a colourful world of wonder and stardust.  The harmonious singing of ladybirds and the violin like accompaniment of the crickets resound off the pages as you read.  This fantastic forest where colours, sounds and Holy Spirit surrounds is a truly beautiful creation that Kimberley Novak has carefully created with her written words.

This is a wonder-filled and inspired effort for a first publication, but I am not sure that children will engage with it in its present form.  I wish Kimberley Novak all the best for her future writing endeavours and sincerely hope she continues on her own path of learning and revelation as a Catholic children’s author.

I recommend this book as suitable for Catholic families and classrooms.

You can hear Kimberley Novak interviewed about Bella’s Beautiful Miracle HERE.

You can purchase Bella’s Beautiful Miracle HERE

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