Blessed Mother Mary, the Rosary, and You. A Guided Journal

Author: Rosanne Pallini-Verlezza

Illustrator: Rosanne Pallini-Verlezza

Publisher: Self Published, printed by Blurb.

Ages: 7 – 14

This book is a little different from most that I review.  This is not a ‘story’ as much as an activity book which teaches children about the Rosary. On the other hand, there are many stories from the Gospels that children will learn about by working through each of the mysteries of the rosary.

Firstly, it’s a beautiful, white hardback book which children will think is something pretty precious to own.  I like that it’s a hardback book because that makes it easier for children and young teens to write and draw in.  It’s a thick book, and it is absolutely packed full of content for children to reflect on, respond to, interact with and create with.

The first 18 pages provide a description of the rosary and an explanation of what the rosary beads are and why we use them.  Then the various prayers of the rosary are explained.  Finally, a few pages to explain how to say the rosary. I found this section to be very clear and easy to understand, with plenty of pictures to colour in.

The next section of the book carefully presents each mystery – a short retelling of the story, a Bible reference to read and a few questions to help children to reflect on that mystery and write down their thoughts. After working through each decade of the rosary, there are a few pages devoted to the “Fruit of the Mystery”, such as humility, moral courage, wisdom and so on.  This extra page after each mystery invites readers to reflect on the story from another perspective – I really liked it.

By working through the book, children will eventually complete every mystery.  It is a book to keep coming back to over time, and children and young teens will enjoy reading back to see what their thoughts and reflections were last time they used it.

Learning and saying the rosary is completed by mid-way through the book.  After that, Rosanne Pallini-Verlezza has compiled the most comprehensive and thorough collection of activities for children imaginable.  Regular readers of my reviews will know that I Iike to include a few ideas for homeschoolers and teachers after each review.  This book has included an abundance of ideas for craft, drawing pictures, outdoor creations, as well as information about Our Lady’s appearances and words about the rosary. There is so much to look at, read about and think about in this wonderful book.

In her website, Rosanne Pallini-Verlezza tells of how she prays the rosary with elderly people in nursing homes and has now started a children’s rosary group at church.  She has a special devotion to the rosary and provides a profusion of information about the rosary in her book. The text is simple to understand, and yet the reflection questions are sophisticated enough to engage teens to enter more deeply into the mystery and power of the rosary.

I highly recommend this book for homeschoolers and teachers – you will find so many activities, and so much information to share with your children and students.  Parents and friends’ committees might also consider fundraising to buy children a copy of this book for their first confession, communion or confirmation.  There cannot be too many children holding this book in their hands – learning about the rosary and the way to Jesus through his blessed mother.

You can buy the book HERE.

Ideas for Teachers and Homeschoolers.

Just buy the book and you’ll find all the ideas you need!

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