I Am God’s Storyteller: such a great Catholic book

Author: Lisa Hendey

Illustrator: Eric Carlson

Age Range: baby to about 10 -11

Publisher: Paraclete Press

My favourite story books are the ones that you can read to the whole family.  This gorgeous book by the brilliant Lisa Hendey will be enjoyed by all children regardless of their age or level of understanding. What is particularly impressive is the unique premise of the book – that we can all be God’s storytellers.  Travelling around schools to talk about her Chime Traveller Series, Lisa Hendey was struck by just how much children love to tell stories. So she created this beautiful book which tells children about the great story-tellers in the Bible.

Eric Carlson’s illustrations are clever, fun-filled and add so much to Lisa Hendey’s text. The colours and hues change from page to page, light and shadow are cleverly utilized and interesting design will entice young children to gaze at the pages while being read to. The illustrations towards the end of the book provide a riot of activity and joy that will make children smile. Paraclete Press has done an amazing job with this picture book.

After introducing children to the major prophets, Jesus and then the Apostles are presented as God’s storytellers.  This really is a clever book!  I particularly liked how Jesus’ parables are described as special stories with important messages. Finally, the book changes focus and begins to encourage children to use their unique gifts to become God’s storytellers – as playwrights, painters, film makers, dancers and singers.  Children are reminded that God gave them gifts to use for God’s glory.  It’s so refreshing to read a children’s book that is so uplifting and joyously inspiring.

During an interview about this book, Lisa Hendey stated that she has included questions and statements throughout the text that invite children to interact and engage with the content as it is being read to them.  For that reason, this would be a wonderful read aloud book for a classroom or homeschool. Highly recommended!

You can purchase a copy of I am God’s Storyteller from Amazon HERE, or Paraclete Press HERE.

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For Homeschool or Teachers:

  • A page at the back of the book gives some hints and tips for teachers or home schoolers about how to make the most of this book.
  • There is just so much scope to use this story book as a springboard for the most creative and imaginative activities – children will be jumping at the opportunity to create their own board games, or sing their own songs or make a film about God or the Bible or the Saints.
  • Ask children to write or just tell a story about meeting one of the many Bible characters mentioned in this book
  • Prompt children to use their imaginations by starting a story for them, “This is the story about the day I hung out with John the Baptist…”
  • Here’s a recent Youtube reading of the book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmGWV3sCq14 (there are two other parts that follow, just follow the links).
  • Here’s a podcast of Lisa Hendey talking about the book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM65U3WR9Tg

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