Kiddie Cat: First Catholic Catechism

Author: Katie Warner

Illustrator: Meg Whalen

Publisher: Tan Books

Age Range: 0 – 3


Who would have thought you could present the four pillars of the Catholic faith as presented in the Catholic Catechism for 0 – 3 year olds!  Katie Warner and Meg Whalen have cleverly written and illustrated a simple board book that covers such truths as God as Creator, Jesus as the Word, Peter receiving the keys from Jesus and more. The more I flicked through this book, the more I appreciated the thought and effort put into producing it. A bright and sturdy board book,it will no doubt pass the test of time amongst your treasured children’s books.

Of course tiny tots won’t fully understand the truths behind these simple words and illustrations, but this is a brilliant way to begin catechising your young children.  Children will learn the important words such as sacraments, commandments, virtue and prayer.  They will also be exposed to illustrations of a priest raising the host, or of Moses with his stone tablets, or Jesus with the lost lamb across his shoulders.  These images will become more meaningful and understandable as children grow older but introducing them at such a young and impressionable age is a sure way of imprinting these key ideas into their minds and hearts.

An interesting feature of this book is that each page has a small image of four pillars, and one of those pillars is highlighted.  This is to indicate which of the four pillars is being referred to. The four pillars of the Catholic catechism are – the creed, liturgy/sacraments, way of life/morality, and prayer. I can imagine children trying to learn what each of the pillars is called as you turn the pages.

I highly recommend this board book for the little ones in your life.  It is good quality and thoroughly grounded in Catholic doctrine and beliefs.

You can purchase Kiddie Cat from Veritatis HERE.

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