Our Lady’s Picture Book: Gorgeous Catholic Children’s Book

Author: Anthony DeStefano

Illustrator: Juliana Kolesova

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

Age Range: 3 – 12

Following on from Our Lady’s Wardrobe, Anthony DeStefano has now authored this second beautiful hardcover picture book about Our Lady. This gorgeous book will show children that Our Lady has been featured in many significant art works, and that each art work portrays a special part of Our Lady’s story.  Using the idea that Our Lady is looking through her scrap book, we see her portrayed variously as Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Our Lady, Star of the Sea.  Various titles and roles of Our Lady are featured throughout the book.

Just like the Our Lady’s Wardrobe, De Stefano provides rhyming verses that help children to understand the meaning behind each portrait.  For example,

“She’s often called the Northern Star

Because she points the way

To safety in the arms of Jesus

When we go astray.

So when you’re lost and in distress

And feeling all alone,

Ask Our Lady for her help,

And she will lead you home.”

Once again the illustrations are majestically framed and adorn the pages in a variety of colour themes.  They are simply stunning. Juliana Kolesova has captured something beautiful about Our Lady once again.  What a pleasure to gaze at images of a young woman draped in flowing robes.  The person of Our Lady is ‘gentle and mild’ in facial expression and presentation.  Children will absolutely adore this book.

Sophia Press has produced a book that will appeal to those who love ornate beauty.  As I mentioned in my review of Our Lady’s Wardrobe, Our Lady is portrayed as fair skinned and blue eyed.  The children featured in this book are multi-cultural.  Our Lady of Mercy spreads her robes protectively over children from all nations.  If you love these traditional portraits of Our Lady, you will love sharing this book with your children, grandchildren and students.

This gorgeous book is highly recommended as a ‘must have’ on your Catholic library shelf. Watch children peruse and trace their fingers around the etched golden frames of each image. A delightful book.  Highly recommended.

You can buy Our Lady’s Picture Book HERE.

You can read Our Lady’s Wardrobe review HERE

You can see Anthony Destefano read Our Lady’s Picture Book  HERE.

Homeschool and Teacher Ideas.

There are thousands of beautiful art works that feature Our Lady.  Why not find one or two that appeal to you and ask your children to recreate the artwork in their own way – to draw, paint, sculpt a creative response to the image and the story of the image. Talk with your children/students about their ideas first.

Ask children/students to design a beautiful frame around each artwork.

Although this link to Sophia Press is aimed at older students, you could still use aspects of it for younger students. It’s focus is one particular painting. It provides clear answers and links to the Catechism too, so you can refresh your own knowledge.


Here’s an interesting page that includes a short story about Mary.  There are links to artworks towards the end of the page plus links to puzzles and quizzes. https://gardenofpraise.com/bibl86s.htm

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