Shield of Faith: George’s adventure continues.

Author: Theresa Linden
Illustrator: Theresa Linden
Publisher: Silver Fire Publishing
Ages: 7 – 11

George, Erik and Robyn continue their adventures in Theresa Linden’s fourth book of the Armor of God series. Based on the Armor of God as described by Saint Paul in Ephesians 6: 13-17, George is on a quest to earn the Shield of Faith. He and the other Pages at Knight School are slowly learning their lessons and earning the various pieces of their Armor. George will have his Faith tested in this story, will he succeed?

This is one of my favourite Catholic children’s books series. I love how Theresa Linden has developed her characters and grown this story over time. The books are very simple to read and understand, and yet they address some very complex theological issues. George must hold onto his Faith in the pits of despair. He finds himself deep inside a tunnel, in the dark, trapped on a dangerously narrow ledge. And no one knows he is there, so his chances of rescue are very dim. In the face of such dire circumstances, George grapples with his own lack of Faith.

“What am I supposed to do?” His last words echoed. “Who
am I supposed to trust now?” He wiped a tear from his eye.

George soon realizes that he needs to trust in God – and have Faith.  Sure enough, his friend Robyn finds him, and with Sir Lucien’s help they manage to scramble back to safety.

There are short catechetic lessons interspersed throughout the book which reinforce the main lessons for Catholic children. These chapters are only one page long, and provide teachers, parents or carers with opportunities to talk with children about how the characters are feeling or discuss the choices they are making.

By story’s end, the children have earned their Shields of Faith. The story is also set to continue into the next book of the series. All throughout the series the threat of dragons has been present, and the danger seems to be growing with each book. I’m looking forward to the next adventure, and I’m heartened to see that there are six books in the series. I recommend this series. It is very Catholic, well crafted and enjoyable to read.

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