The Hungry Kitten’s Tale

Author: Elizabeth Fust

Illustrations: Mary MacArthur

Publisher: Rivershore Books

Age Range: 4 – 7

I love any story that features a cute kitten. Elizabeth Fust has produced a real winner here – The Hungry Kitten’s Tale tells the story of how Jesus miraculously fed the multitude with five loaves and two fishes. Told from the point of view of a homeless kitten, children will learn about the miracle of the loaves and fishes in an engaging and entertaining way.

What a great way to begin the story:

“Many cats lived in the small town of Bethsaida.  Some lived with families and caught mice, some lived with important people and lounged on cushions all day, and some wandered the streets with nowhere to go and no food for supper. Kit was one of those cats.”

The author cleverly develops the character of Jesus, who is somewhat mysterious at first.  Who is he?  Why do people follow him about?  From the kitten’s point of view, children learn that Jesus is an amazing, gentle and caring man.  We follow the sequence of events as Kit watches the unfolding miracle of the loaves and fishes.  Kit is of course extremely happy to nibble on all of the scraps that were left over.

The illustrations are bright and the text is easy to read.  Children will relate emotionally to the little boy who is initially sad, then perplexed, then excited by the miracle.  I loved that Jesus is shown patting Kit and telling the boy to take care of him. The ending is happy with a new friendship between Kit and the boy forged by Jesus.

This endearing story is sure to become a favourite for children.  Rivershore Publishing have helped the author and illustrator to produce an attractive and simple book.  With KDP Amazon publishing now printing books out in Australia as of May 19 2021, wonderful quality paperback children’s books such as this one are now available quickly and at a fraction of the cost.  So exciting!  Catholic authors let’s get writing and publishing!  More beautiful Catholic stories such as these are needed.

As of today, there is a Hungry Kitten’s Tale colouring book!  What a great idea!

You can buy the Hungry Kitten’s Tale HERE

Ideas for Teachers and Homeschoolers:                                    

This would make a great introduction to the person of Jesus for young children.  Younger children will enjoy talking about Jesus – his miracles, teaching people about God and taking care of everyone.  I would ask children to draw a picture of Jesus performing a miracle or teaching or taking care of people.  You might prompt them while they draw and put their ideas together – how did Jesus take care of people in this story, where do you think  he might go when the Hungry Kitten’s Tale finished, tell me a story of how the little boy brought Kit home and introduced him to his family?

I would also introduce another miracle and ask children to portray Jesus in a drawing or story:

  • Looking for the lost sheep (make up a story of why the little sheep got lost)
  • Healing a blind man (maybe he has a faithful old dog by his side – let’s imagine a story about the blind man and his faithful old dog.)
  • Healing the leper.

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