The Silent Shepherd: Catholic children’s story about Christmas

Author: Patricia Moore

Illustrations: Doriano Strologo


Age Range: 3 – 6

This is a short little book of 22 pages that tells the story of young Aaron and his father who meet baby Jesus when He is born in Bethlehem.  Patricia Moore has provided a simple story that is targeted towards young children.

Young Aaron has a speech impediment that means he cannot speak or communicate verbally.  This causes Aaron and his father a great deal of sadness, and Aaron wonders if he will ever be able to become a shepherd like his father if he can’t call out for the sheep. A strength of this story is how the relationship between father and son is portrayed.  They lay in the fields together at night, and Aaron’s father watches carefully over his son. The illustrations by Doriano Strologo are adequate for this age range.  The emotional bond between father and son is captured well.

After an Angel appears to them, they take their sheep and seek out the newborn Christ child.  Upon meeting Jesus, Aaron finds his voice and his words.  His first words are “Happy Birthday” to Jesus, and then father and son tell each other “I love you”.  Simple and sweet, this is a great effort by Patricia Moore.

Self publishing is not easy, and this publication is short, but well targeted to the age group intended.  Unfortunately, I found several sentences in the book that were clumsily written, and indeed could have been improved with good editing.  I’m sure we’ll see more books from Patricia Moore in the future – so let’s pray for and support her by purchasing this book which is on the cheaper end of the price scale.

You can purchase Silent Shepherd HERE.

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