The Ten Commandments, Catholic ABC and The Invisible World

Author: Hong Phuoc Nguyen (Thien-An Nguyen)

Illustrator: Hong Phuoc Nguyen (Christy Huang)

Publisher: Alsa International

Age Range: 0 – 3


Today I’m reviewing three more beautiful board books by Dr Hong Phuoc Nguyen.  These three board books are bright, sturdy and fun to read.  Children will love having conversations with you as you flick through the thick pages and read the simple words and sentences.

I love the illustrations by Hong Phuoc Nguyen.  They really are fun.  Simple and straightforward in design, my favourite of the three books is probably the Catholic ABC.  Here, the drawings are cute and easy to identify.  Each page is simple in design, making it easy for very young readers to focus and understand.  Some of the more interesting letters are “Y” (Yes) represented by the Annunciation, and “O” (Offering) represented by a chalice and host.  Introducing these words to very young children is a great way of indoctrinating youngsters into the main themes of our faith.

The Ten Commandments is another shorter board book that explains each of the commandments in single sentences.  The pictures illustrate ways in which we can obey the commandments.  This is a great way to introduce a discussion with young ones about how we live out the commandments.

The Invisible World is a brightly illustrated board book with drawings by Hong Phuoc Nguyen and authored by Thien-An Nguyen.  The story is a simple exploration of the ‘invisible’ aspects of God’s creation such as time, breath and wind. In the final page, it is explained that God exists too, even though invisible.  This is an attractive little board book that children will enjoy reading with you.  The colours in this particular board book are vibrant and strong.

These board books give the impression that they have been lovingly and carefully produced.  They are sturdy enough to survive the toddler years, and attractively presented with bright, glossy pages.  The books lend themselves well to Catholic instruction.  I highly recommend them to you!

You can purchase the books HERE

Check out the website HERE

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